Dive presentation

The Algarve coastline with almost 200km is known for its fine and golden sandy beaches and is the perfect place to experience diving. A charming and calm sea that allows diving for almost the whole year, with a wide variety of underwater attractions and a rich marine biodiversity. Sunken ships and natural reefs, including Portugal's largest reef (CELA) and some artificial reefs make it a unique region for recreational diving. Adding to all this there is still a fantastic climate, which provides more than 300 days of sunshine per year, sweeping cliffs and spectacular underground caves.

We are your 5-star Diving Center located in the center of the Algarve, more specifically in the Marina deAlbufeira.

We have as philosophy and objective, provide high quality diving services and safety and meet the expectations of our customers so that they enjoy their activity to the fullest in a professional and family environment, never forgetting the preservation of the environment and underwater heritage.

Our guests when diving with us will have access to various types of diving, such as wreck dives, natural reefs, walldiving, caves, artificial reefs, etc., which makes this experience exciting for those looking for an adventure and a magnificent scenario.

You can find in our company several underwater activities from Diving Trips, Try-Dives, Snorkeling Trips, Diving courses and a shop with all the equipment for diving, free diving and maintenance equipment as well.


   In our facilities you can have access to:
• Shop with all equipment for diving, apnea and spearfishing;
• Classroom
• Diving Centre equipped for all the needs of our guests
• Technical area for fillings, equipped with a Bauer 450Silent compressor with B-Control System and Securus and the         BAUER PURE AIR Certificate.
• Indoor pool for training
• At the disposal of our customers we have the representation of the best brands of equipment
• Our fleet of vessels has been designed with the aim of giving the best comfort to our customers, presenting side access stairs, first aid kit and emergency oxygen. They also incorporate all mandatory safety and navigation equipment.


Our Boats:

   Catamaran CETUS II
• 12 metres
• 2x 300hp Suzuky Engines
• With Full Cabin
• Wc
• Space for 18 Divers for Double dives


   Rib-Craft CETUS I
• 9,6 meters
• 2x 300hp Suzuky Engines
• Space for 12 Divers for Double dives

We have to offer our customers a range of varied activities for both beginners and more experienced people.

Discover Scuba Diving
The first step in the adventure of the underwater world. With this experience you will have firsthand contact safely with the scuba diving equipment and some of the techniques used during the practice of the modality.

This Experience consists of:
• A theoretical lesson
• A pool class
• A dive in the sea up to 12 meters with one of our instructors
• A certificate valid for 6 months – to dive up to a maximum of 12 meters, without having to return to repeat the theory         and swimming pool, always accompanied by an Instructor
• Discount on registration for the Open Water course
o DURATION: 3 to 4 hours

It is a well-known practice in the coastal region of Albufeira, where the transparency of the sea, the rich flora and fauna can be appreciated and contemplated without the need for training or more complex equipment.
In this experience you will be able to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world in the Algarve, using only a mask, fins and a tube to breathe to the surface of the water, also using a suit for protection.

o DURATION: 2 to 3 hours

Dive Trips
This experience is aimed at certified divers.
We have several options, from 1 Dive to 10 Dives pack’s, equipment rental and dive guides. This Experience consists of boat trips for diving in different locations with one of our professionals.
o DURATION: 4 hours each pack of 2 Dives

Easydivers is affiliated with the world's two largest Teaching Institutions Padi & Ssi.
We have to offer our clients a wide range of recreational and professional courses. Our philosophy is to offer our clients a rigorous and at the same time rewarding teaching from beginners to professional levels.