Taste of Portugal!

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato


This Portuguese dish is one of the most eaten and tastiest appetizer of Portugal, Venus shells.

The shells are prepared with garlic and coriander and taste heavenly. Cutlery is not necessary. An empty shell is used as a kind of clip to remove the animals from the next shell. Then you pimp them up!


Of course a delicious glass of vinho verde is drunk with this dish.



A must to taste!

Simple, but with a very surprising rich taste!


Typical Portuguese and delicious on a sandwich with a big blob of mustard. The McDonalds in Portugal now also serves a McBifana. But you can't compare it with a Bifana sandwich in a pastelaria or a bar.




Not for people who don't like "scary" critters. Snails!


The snail season is in full swing in May. Everyone is looking forward to being able to enjoy these beers with a beer in the afternoon sun. The season starts on Labor Day, a public holiday in Portugal.


So they are not difficult in Portugal!


They put scary animals in a pan and eat them! The idea is that you yourself get the snails from their house with a snail fork.


A cataplana is a real experience! A dish full of scent, color and taste.

This stew is prepared and served in a large striking copper or aluminum pan consisting of two parts. A delicious dish with a mix of herbs, vegetables, fish, seafood or meat. The content is a feast to see and smell.

The cataplana is a traditional and unique Portuguese culinary utensil and you have probably seen it. Cooking pots typical of the Algarve.


The scent of Portugal!

For those who are not afraid of dirty fingers!

You often smell the scent as you walk through the streets of any village. The Portuguese regularly put them themselves on the barbecue for a delicious cheap lunch, and delicious on a slice of Portuguese bread.


Nothing new under the sun, but so delicious!

Pastéis de Nata

Traditional Portuguese cream pastries are one of the tastiest sweets in Portugal.

The Portuguese love it.

The authentic and secret recipe is still used by the Pastéis de Belém bakery in Lisbon. This recipe has been adopted by others but the difference can certainly be tasted. The pastries are so loved that you can buy them all over the world.

The taste of Pastéis de Nata is delicious and must be eaten the same day.