Hop from island to island

Ria Formosa nature reserve


Highly recommended is a visit to the islands on the east side of the Algarve. Away from the crowds you will find fantastic beaches, beautiful Algarve! Ria Formosa nature reserve.


You can easily see this area if you come to Portugal by plane. It consists of a series of islands, a number of which can be visited.


There are five islands that can be reached by boat. This makes it possible to view the special canals, floodplains and sandboxes. In addition, spotting special fauna such as flamingos and fishermen who are busy catching up with their nets.

Ilha da Armona


For nature lovers, a visit to this beautiful island is highly recommended, unspoilt nature and beautiful fauna.

The island is inhabited and private houses are rented out. There is also a possibility to camp at the local campsite.

If you like water sports and fishing, then this is THE island!

Ilha da Barreta

The least developed island.

Are you looking for peace, then this is the island where you should be! Enjoy the deserted island with its long sandy beach and clear sea water.


The beach is a paradise and is located in the southernmost point of Portugal.

Wind surfers can pick up their sails here! Walking through the dunes or taking a boat trip to spot protected bird species, this is THE island!

farol gebruiken.jpg

Ilha do Farol - Ilha da Culatra

Paradise island where time seems to stand still, an enchanting place with beautiful beaches.


Fresh wild flowers, small white houses and a Farol lighthouse. From the lighthouse you have a beautiful view of the island and the beach.


The sunset is beautiful from the island. Don't miss the last boat back to the mainland.


Ilha de Cabanas

Dream Island with a long narrow beach and fine sand, on the crystal clear sea. Popular among the Portuguese and windsurfers can pick up their sails here!


If you like collecting shells, you will find special specimens here. Bringing food and drinks is not a luxury. There is only one restaurant on this island.


But, a better place to walk barefoot through the sand is not conceivable.

Ilha da Tavira

A narrow 11 kilometer long island with beautiful beaches!


On one side of this island is a small number of houses built around 1943. Within walking distance, on the other side of the island, the beach and various restaurants where you can enjoy the taste of Portugal.


Cemitério das âncoras, the anchor cemetery! A must see when you are on this island!